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Learn, Train, Destroy!

FPSGYM is your FPS training camp, all you need to dominate the battlefield.
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Do you
with aim?

Bad aim is a common problem in videogames. With millions of online players the competition is hard and a lot of FPS don't really give you the time to train.

You need

FPSGYM is a focused environment that will let you train your aiming skill in a comfortable way. Play this browser-based simulation to improve your skills.

With FPSGYM you can:

- Assess your level
- Improve your skills
- Measure your performance

Try it now!

FPSGYM is browser-based, you don't need to download a software to play it. Just click on the button to start and remember to use fullscreen.
Let's go!

Work in progress

FPSGYM is an on-going project that requires a lot of time, if you like it and you want to help, feel free to donate or simply give a feedback.