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How to best face an Apex Legends game

Have you ever landed at the drop and then returned to the lobby after half a second with 0 damage?
Hello to all gamerz, I'm Matteo aka "GreenN1njaCat" and today we are going to understand how to best face a game of Apex Legends. Have you ever landed at the drop and then returned to the lobby after half a second with 0 damage? Here's to make sure that doesn't happen let's start from the basics. First of all, you must always have a general picture of the situation based on the style of play you have, for example if one wants to play aggressive by aiming for a lot of kills then he can land close to other teams and therefore engage in a fight very soon. If, on the other hand, one wants to play more passive and in an intelligent way then he can choose to land in places where there is no one or almost in order to have all the time for the "looting" phase and then rotate to safe. Well did you survive the first 5 minutes of the game? Then let's move on. Let's move on to the Looting phase, very important for Apex, otherwise without treatment and without ammunition you return to the lobby after half a second as before. Let's start by addressing the best way to start looting the zones, I always recommend doing it in an intelligent way to make sure it lasts as short as possible, because the faster you are the better. To do this you will have to try to start looting from the external parts of the place, up to the innermost parts (obviously that do not conflict with the other 2 teammates) no one wants to steal the loot of their teammate so to speak. After the first phase of looting we move on to the rotation to be done, as I said before you need to understand if you want to play more aggressive or more passive, if you want to play for the kills you will need to keep your ears open and approach the fight by doing third party (i.e. fight that is already happening between 2 teams) this is the best way to get kills in Apex Legends. If, on the other hand, you want to play more passive trying to win the game, you will have to begin to understand where the safe closes, and how to rotate to avoid losing your skin and return to the lobby. To do this you will have to rotate according to the situations from the external parts of the circle / ring and be able to position yourself directly in the center of the safe in an advantageous spot that allows you to survive until the last moments of the game. Have you reached the final stage of the game? Good for you. Now we will talk about how to deal with the so-called very important endgames and to be managed in the best way to bring home the victory. If you are in position, hopefully one of the most advantageous, you will have to try to take as many kills as possible to ensure that the remaining teams are eliminated one after the other, to do so you will have to understand which team is in the worst position and consequently force it to move against other teams by shooting them from afar. If, on the other hand, you are the ones placed in the worst position, you will have to necessarily decide to push a team in a better position than yours to avoid making a bad end. The important thing is to make that decision very quickly before you get drilled in the so-called decision making. Have you reached the end, have you won? Then it will mean that you have stopped spending most of your time in the lobby. You lose? Don't worry, it's already a step up from the lobby simulator!
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