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How to improve FPS aiming

Having accurate aim is essential to be able to dominate an FPS. Here's how to improve it.

Do you happen to unload an entire magazine on the enemy and still see him run away without damage? Surprise enemies with an attack from behind but have time to turn around and take you out? Whether you are a PC or Console gamer, your problem is most likely aiming.

What is aiming? And how can it be improved?

It takes hours and hours of play and training to develop the necessary technique and aim properly. However, many games today do not allow great room for improvement because the waiting times are too high and the opportunities are too few. Incorrect matchmaking, respawn times, and some game modes drastically reduce the amount of time a player can use to improve aiming on the pitch. Battle royals, for example, don't allow you to spend a lot of time targeting an enemy because once you're dead you have to start a new game.


One of the key elements for aiming are reflexes. A reflex is an automatic reaction to a stimulus. When we see an enemy appear on the screen (stimulus) we aim at it (reaction). Reflexes play a very important role during the game. Do you immediately notice the presence of an enemy? Can you quickly center your aim on him? Can you decide right away if you should attack him or hide? Can you follow the enemy with aim while he tries to dodge the blows? If you answered no to at least one of these questions, you can definitely improve your reflexes.

Muscle memory

Another key element is muscle memory. Even the simplest actions within a video game involve a complex sequence of movements of different muscles. Moving the camera, aiming, dodging, compensating for the recoil are just a few examples. The more we practice repeatedly over the course of our life, the more these actions can be performed quickly, easily and with greater precision. Over time, with continued practice, complicated actions become automatic and can be done without thinking. For this reason it is important to train these actions: you have to aim and dodge automatically to leave your mind free to think about the strategy and everything that happens during the game.


You can perform different exercises to improve reflexes and muscle memory. Some games give you the ability to practice different weapons in a map without enemies. Alternatively, try our FPS trainer to train yourself.

These are the basic exercises you can do:

  • Shift aim: Choose three or more targets and switch between them by shifting the aim. If you are unable to center your aim on the target immediately, slow down and increase your speed only after you have gained more precision.
  • Keep aiming: choose a target that moves and keep aiming at the center of the target as it moves. If you can't keep aiming at the same spot, choose a slower target.
  • Draw the outline: choose a target large enough and with the aim draw its outline. If you have difficulty, try starting with a more regular shaped lens.

Train every day for at least 30 minutes before you start playing and you will quickly notice the improvements.

Try our FPS trainer and start training now to improve your aim!

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