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Are you looking for something important and at the same time underrated? Here are the best tips for each type of fps!

Have you ever died in an awkward spot on the map, such as a low point in relation to the enemy? It means that you have positioned yourself badly in relation to him. How to improve? Positioning is a fundamental part of any shooter video game, you have to be more cunning than the enemy and use your intelligence or the so-called "brain" to bring your decision making to the highest level. Do you want to learn how to win fights with the enemy? Start by taking the highgrounds (places high above the enemy) in such a way that you have more map control and more vision on the enemy and at the same time better cover yourself. This will surely win you a fight even against multiple enemies! Always try to keep off, observe and make the right decision on the position to take based on the position of any enemies. Remember that the execution time of these actions must always be minimal! Because a good player is a faster player than another. Another tip to avoid dying? Don't ever stop. Have you ever sniped a guy who's been standing for miles? Here it could be you too! Constantly moving around both during dead moments and during fights is the best choice. It is very common in shooters to shoot by moving left and right in order to be able to avoid shots while dealing damage to enemies, to do so you will also need to be unpredictable in your movements, because the enemy will have memorized your pattern after a while. . And remember to engage in fights only if, first of all, you are sure of what you are doing, then if you have the right cover in front of you, remember to make the most of the environment!

The last piece of advice is to understand when to aim in a fight. Obviously we will aim from afar and from medium distance but we will certainly not aim at a guy who is in front of us, because we would lose speed both in movement and in keeping the weapon pointed at the enemy, inevitably leading to death. So to do this, train yourself to shoot without aiming trying to follow the target in front of us.

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