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Tips for fps game settings

Change your game settings to gain an advantage over other players

Virtually all video games have settings that one can go and tweak, and if there are subjective settings like le sens, there are many more that aren't!

Depth of field

Let's start with the depth of field, trust me you want to raise it to the maximum, it will allow you to cover as much vision as possible and at the same time to move better, if you don't want to throw up it's the wisest choice!


Then speech aims? yes it is true we have said that the senses are subjective before, but a piece of advice that I always give, very important to keep in mind is to keep them as high as possible, or in any case somewhere in between, because always remember that a faster player will put us less time than you to whirl around. Now this is not something to be underestimated because fast movements of this type are the fundamental thing, with low senses you will never be able to shoot multiple enemies at the same time that are running at you, as you will never be able to turn around in time before doing a bad end.

Frame rate

Frames per second, also called FPS, indicate the frequency with which consecutive images, or frames, appear on a screen forming moving images.

It is always better to have a high frame rate in shooters and not only, this will allow you to have a much smoother game first and therefore you will feel faster, consequently you will have less input lag, or less response time that it takes. your action called by a key to get to your game screen.

Brightness / Contrast

Are there any cases where you walk into often dark buildings, where you don't see anything at all and get killed instantly? It will seem trivial to you but never underestimate your brightness and your contrast! So do you want to adjust these settings? Each shooting game has its own settings regarding these two options.

You can then adjust them directly from the game itself, or you can adjust them from your screen to whichever it is. To be able to see better, I always recommend turning the brightness up to almost maximum.

As for the contrast, you have to adjust it accordingly, keeping it low is still one of the best things because it will allow you to see better in the shadows.

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