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What does a pro player use to play best?

The right equipment makes the difference, that's why

Skill and skill in the game are undoubtedly the key thing, but we can improve the game experience by using & nbsp; high-end gaming equipment.


Do you play from a screen or from your TV?

If you play from gaming screens you will be much more advantaged, because you will have better vision but above all extremely short response times compared to those who play from a TV.

For the unfortunate ones who only have a tv, well at least you can do one thing, go to the settings of your tv and put it in game mode, it will have slightly lower response times and improved light.


Tired of being shot dead by a wildly moving enemy?

Now let's talk about mechanics aimed at the joystick we are using, the important thing in an fps is to be able to keep the right thumb fixed in the stick, so as to always keep aiming on the target and be able to win the most unexpected ambushes ! This will also be used to turn the camera while doing almost anything, loot, move, and just shoot.

On this topic I recommend 2 effective ways to solve the problem:

Let's start with the first one. The "Claw" position consists in holding your pad in a way that you have never held it before, using all the fingers especially the right index finger, in doing so you will not only have greater aiming stability but also speed of execution on all the actions that the game offers.

To get into this position you will need to use the index finger to press all the keys from R1 to X, the two middle fingers will be used to press in correspondence with L2 and R2 and obviously the thumb will have to stay fixed on the right stick. It will hurt a little at first and it will take some getting used to, but trust me it will be worth it because it is also one of the methods most pad pro players use.

Now let's move on to the second method: buy a Pad with the dorsal keys (i.e. behind the joystick). There are many different Pads with the lats, these will help you to be fast and perform actions that would be uncomfortable otherwise, all while always managing to keep the right thumb on the lever, which we remember is one of the most important things in an fps.


Latest advice outside of gaming! We all know that there must be a good connection, otherwise we would never be able to have time to start shooting at someone who has 0 ping. The ideal thing to do in these cases is to take a nice lan cable and connect it to our console or pc. By doing this we will have much less connection problems. If the problem persists and some of you are still lagging around like paranormal creatures then you need to change your connection.

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