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The 6 things all new Apex Legends players should know

Have you just started playing and you keep losing? Below you will find the 6 best tips to start playing Apex Legends at its best!

1. Make the most of the launch phase

Learn what to do and where to land! Pass the Jumpmaster to those who know more than you, over time you will learn about the maps and understand which are the best places to land.

Try to look around during this phase, it is very likely that there are enemies nearby who want to land in the same area as you, ping the enemies to your companions in order to evaluate whether to land in the same spot or possibly change the area.

The first few times it is advisable to stay close to whoever lands to avoid getting the team in trouble, do not separate!

When you land try to do it in an area where you see a lot of supply crates and buildings, this way you will be able to immediately take a weapon to defend yourself, do not rely on the punches!

2. Fill and manage your inventory better

Inventory management on Apex Legends is key, so make sure you grab a backpack, weapons, ammo, helmet, and armor upon landing to absorb the damage.

Remember that you can eventually increase the effectiveness of your armor simply by doing damage to enemies and terrestrial monsters.

The weapons you should prefer are a medium / long range weapon for combat or damage picks at considerable ranges, and instead a short range weapon for close range combat.

Collect the accessories for each weapon and check what it will replace by taking a new one, if you replace your weapon with another one of the same category, the accessories will automatically be transferred to it.

3. Make sure you always have life to the fullest and heal yourself when needed

Apex is a fps that relies heavily on game times, so try to learn the timing of each cure you are going to use, because depending on the moment you could end up badly!

Remember to always take at least 2 medical kits and 4 syringes, which will restore your life bar.

Always carry 8 shield cells and at least 2 shield batteries to restore your armor.

There are also auxiliary shields that will allow you to temporarily defend yourself from enemy shots when you are landed, in addition the golden auxiliary shield will allow you to revive your companions on the ground, with half armor and half life points!

4. Communicate with your team!

Apex Legends is equipped with a very efficient signaling system through the various pings! It allows players to communicate important information without the need for a microphone. Obviously voice chat is recommended because by speaking you will be able to give more precise information.

Having said that try to signal the presence of enemies when you see them in order to immediately alert the team.

Always report ammunition, shields, heals, armor and weapons you don't need, what you don't need maybe your teammates need!

If someone points out ammo or items you need, you can also ask to set them aside for you, and even report your lack of ammo or weapons.

5. Learn to move fast

On Apex, movement is the most important thing of all.

Remember to slide and jump often immediately afterwards, also taking advantage of the environment to gain speed.

Always put your weapons away when you have to run, this way you will go much faster and will be able to make smoother movements.

6. Remember the ring

Apex Legends is still a battle royale, so with each game, there is a ring on the map that will shrink more and more as the game progresses.

What you will have to do is program your movements on the map based on the ring, in short, always try to stay within it, otherwise you will lose HP and risk dying.

If you die, do not worry, you can retrieve the banner of your teammates and then eventually revive it in the appropriate points, recognizable by a green light.

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